Welcome to Himanshu Vijay’s platform. I am very happy that you are surfing on my platform and reading about me.

I am an engineer and a Government School Student too, who chose his profession in Digital Media Marketing field. I have been in this industry from last 2 years. But it’s not just work for me, It’s like a dream come true. Let me share with you some things about my journey.

My Journey –

From the beginning I had a good interest in computer field, I wanted to be a computer engineer but no one is ahead of destiny. I took admission in Mechanical Branch which is far away from computers. I started going through all the curriculum, syllabus, external and internal. But somewhere I got to know I am not for mechanical.

From 3rd year, I started working with a startup “BUSINEYES”. It’s a digital media marketing company, from here, my journey started with computers or I can say with Digital Media Marketing. 

Then in 4th year, I went to Egypt for Digital Media Marketing internship, worked there for 45 days. That gave me a boost-up with Digital Media Marketing. From then onwards this field give me a different fascination towards my work.

I started as a freelancer and most interesting part of this field is-


Apart from that I have 2 years of work experience in Offline Marketing. I worked in B2B and B2C.

Why B2B –  To understand the needs and functioning of the producer/supplier. So, I can easily able to make the perfect strategy for the brand for their promotion and growth.

Why B2C – To understand the needs and behaviour of the consumer. So, I am able to figure out my target market and demographic segmentation which can fulfill their needs accordingly.

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